Sunday, November 17, 2013

WEDC Pulls Video Lauding Burke-Run Trek Corp. - - That Didn't Take Long

On Saturday, I posted information about a state video featuring Scott Walker - - and also featuring Trek, the bicycle company founded by the family of Walker opponent Mary Burke.

I chided WEDC for the disconnect from Walker - - adding a separate link to the video in a follow-up posting after promising:
We'll check back for edits.
A day later, and talk about edits - - the video is going away:
Ads for several of the featured companies, including Trek, have appeared in the MilwaukeeJournal Sentinel over the past month. "The future of biking is being reinvented in Wisconsin," said the agency's Trek newspaper piece. Videos and other material are available on WEDC's website. 
WEDC spokesman Mark Maley said Friday that his agency has decided to start phasing out the ads highlighting Trek and the other companies. 
Maley said the decision to put the brakes on that campaign had nothing to do with Burke's recent decision to enter the governor's race. 
"Absolutely not," Maley said. "We're proud to have Trek, one of the good companies in Wisconsin, just like the other companies we've been featuring. There's no correlation whatsoever."
This all began with materials I received from WEDC through Open Records about its advertising at JSOnline, where ads led to the WEDC page containing the video. 

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"Absolutely no connection whatsoever. . . "