Thursday, December 1, 2016

And after Trump leaves his feel-good Ohio rally...

Watched the whole thing. Live blogged it on Facebook.

Trump - - 
Trump at lectern before backdrop with elements of logo "TRUMP"
- - in full-throated gloating, replaying all the slights that came his way from the doubters, and which he overcame.

And boo, dishonest media!

Then Trump made a ton of contradictory promises - - huge tax cuts, huge spending increases - - promises he cannot fulfill unless the Congress prints new, Trump $25 bills which can be spent by the  trillions only for new infrastructure, inner-city rebuilding, poor rural community-rebuilding, more harbors (??), and, no doubt, on paying off businesses galore like Carrier to keep jobs in the US, etc.

Classic Trump overstatement/lie on Carrier and the jobs he says he saved, by the way. He and Indiana Gov. Pence who actually found the Carrier bride money at his taxpayers' expense, since nothing is really free as the GOP corporate welfare bashers claim when Democrats have spent money to save jobs - - are saying that 1,150 jobs are staying. 

The true fact and number is 850 - - less than half of what were scheduled to leave.

Also: I noticed a lot of older people in the rally crowd.

Do these good people know that Paul Ryan and his party and the House "Freedom Caucus' wants to privatize their Medicare, which will mean less services at a higher, profit-based cost? 

Gut Medicaid which is keeping some of their lower-income neighbors, maybe relatives, too, alive? 

Blow up Obamacare which is paying for many of their children's medical care and covering pre-existing conditions which Ryan and his party want gone  - - all of which Trump seems willing to sacrifice or default to Ryan and his insurance company pals want to send to the ideological shredder?

So, yeah - - right now the Generalissimo has movement, and he and it are riding high and they all got hear their champion bask in the cheers and claims a fake landslide and rant at the media, again.

They defeated the evil Hillary. They got to chant "Lock her Up, lock her up," again.

So, yes, good times in Cincinnati...a chicken in every pot and New Frontiers in space...and more tropes and fluff tossed out in the next few weeks where Trump takes his more victory laps...but this campaign and transition comes to an end in January when the Congress is in session, and Paul Ryan begins chopping away at things those very same adoring Ohioans, et al, take for granted.

And Trump the carnival barker/reality TV host/beauty pageant/golf tour/hotel-and-steaks hawker will not be able to deliver on national and international promises he's made about programs he does not grasp or issues - - boring! - - he has no interest in mastering...and then, when Putin or China or Iran or Mother Nature make their moves - - good times, well - - not so much.


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Why didn't the current President and Mrs. Clinton lift a finger during the campaign to save those jobs?

Anonymous said...

Because the US doesn't pay terrorists ransom! Same goes for turn coat oligarchs that hold a gun to the taxpayers heads, as in WEDC!