Wednesday, November 12, 2014

No more green space along Brookfield's Bluemound Rd.

Former Milwaukee Mayor John Norquist used to get a laugh during presentations of his then-famous slide show about cities and development when he'd say something along the lines of 'you can tell what they've destroyed by the names they give the new place.'

Sometimes, Norquist would flash up a picture of a sprawly development in Brookfield and say, "Brookfield: No brook, no field." 

And now, in this the 59th installment of our blog series "The Road to Sprawlville," we see that life imitates the slide show, as Brookfield's former Ruby Farms goes the way of other other fields there:
The city of Brookfield's Plan Commission unanimously approved a land use amendment and the rezoning of the former Ruby Farm property at its meeting Monday night. 877,000 square-foot mixed-use development for property formerly occupied by the Ruby Farm and Journal Communications...on the last green space along the Bluemound Road corridor…
This blog has been following, since 2007, the demise of Ruby Farms.


Betsey said...

I used to work approx. 1 mile off Bluemound Rd in western Brookfield in the early '80s. There was NOWHERE to go for lunch, except McDonalds on Moorland, Elliots Diner--in a trailer, for God's sake! Brookfield Planners and Taster Arbiters would have a fit--near Goerkes Corner, or the Leilani which was dark on the brightest day, offering boozy lunches from which some never returned. Or drive to Waukesha or Elm Grove.

Anonymous said...

Brookfield must be doing something well compared to Milwaukee because their home values are rising. The city of Milwaukee from the aerial view shows how much concrete and parking lots fill that city. One look at Brookfield from the air, and outside of the commercial areas, it's much greener. You can't even compare the two. Milwaukee has too much concrete, the rivers are lined with concrete, there are so many streets that they can't resurface them for 100 years!

Anonymous said...

Milwaukee is a city, genius. Brookfield was farm country until it got bulldozed into White People's Paradise. Any green you see from the air has probably got 10 coats of ChemLawn on it.