Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Walker's train ad stupidity and hypocrisy, part two

I noted recently the stupidity and hypocrisies underlying right-wing GOP WI Gov. Scott Walker's $6.8 million ad plan to encourage Illinois residents to move or commute to Wisconsin by train 
perhaps for Foxconn jobs he's disinterested in facilitating for residents and taxpayer in Milwaukee, Madison and other Wisconsin cities' workforces.

Then I took a closer look at the ads he wants to put on Chicago-area commuter trains (similar Amtrak and regional commuter train and transit services have repeatedly fallen under the GOP-Walker ideological knife) and noticed the biking enthusiast, suggesting there were cool opportunities for trail biking here.

Of which there are some, no thanks to Walker-the road-builder's best friend - - but it's really devious for Walker to make the pitch given that his last budget went out of its way to block local governments from adding or expanding biking trails, even sidewalks, for God's sake.
Budget Prevents Local Recreational Trails
And new hikers or bikers who are being lured to move here need to do their homework, as clean water, pristine open space and fresh air are being handed by the state to Walker donors, backers and advocates associated with toxified metals' mining, big cattle-feeding-and-manure operations, timber companies, sand mines, and golf course operators. 

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