Thursday, November 1, 2018

Evers offers depth, inspires trust. Walker doesn't.

[Reposted from August 18, with this update about his insulting, feckless last-ditch 'promise [Sic] to guarantee coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. I call b.s.]
--------------------------------- Makes sense that it's time for a teacher in the Governor's office instead of a Governor who slashed school funding and damaged the teaching profession]:

After having posted about issues as Tuesday's primary balloting was underway, let me throw out a notion now that Tony Evers has won the Democratic gubernatorial primary - - that he something pivotal and important and appealing that Scott Walker does not.

In a word, depth. Which produces something else which Walker cannot. Trust.

Maybe there’s s better word. While I’m thinking about that, let me say that Evers is a Wisconsin born lifelong educator, dedicated to helping children.
Tony Evers (cropped).jpg
As opposed to Walker, a career self-promoting politician, phony-slick, with that fake little wink and one-dimensional willingness to employ whatever prop or stunt meets his poll-driven, handler-provided, superficial approach at any given, ephemeral moment.

Voters statewide have repeatedly entrusted Evers with overseeing state educational policy for their kids. 

That's a trust relationship. Evers reminds people of a teacher they respected, or a teacher who's working with one of their children or grandchildren right now.

Most people like teachers. 

Walker dropped a bomb on them. 

Mostly to curry favor with anti-union donors far from Wisconsin classrooms whom Walker would connect with at the next fund-raiser and tap for the next campaign, and the next.

Which is why Walker wouldn't score very high on anyone's trust matrix. How would you feel if you walked into a classroom for parent-teacher conferences and saw Walker sitting behind the desk, giving you that little wink?

And now the same question, encountering Evers?


People know Walker let campaign staffers and gofers into his Milwaukee County Executive office suite to set up their secret Internet communication router to milk the people's resources for partisan and personal gain.

I don't see Evers doing anything like that. 

So Walker and his machine will roll out their TV ad offensive - - and I know big money can swing elections - - but I don't think they can make voters fear or hate Tony Evers.

I think people are ready for what Evers offers - - calm and competence - -  which is why they picked Earnell Lucas Tuesday for Milwaukee County Sheriff night to finish washing away David Clarke's stain on the public sphere, and why voters here and across the country are looking to launch alternatives to Donald Trump on a restorative blue wave where possible.

And speaking of waves, blue and otherwise, this:

When they employ their predictable, scripted, bought-and-paid-for cookie-cutter anti-Evers offensive, GOP operatives just might unleash a wave of Walker fatigue which has been building since the John Doe probes, his dark money-assisted recall campaign, then that dopey, arrogant run of his for the Presidency.

A wave of Walker fatigue which gets closer to flooding across the electorate as Walker goes all 30-second-phony-slicker-and-slicker defending the indefensible Foxconn money pit to taxpayers who know that their billions of dollars over 25 years could have been better spent fixing the roads and improving classrooms and helping small businesses far from the farm fields being bulldozed in what used to be correctly called Mount Pleasant.

I hope Evers talks about clean air, fresh water, cleaner government, better roads and greater schools. Discussed without a Walker wink and in sentences that can track because the speaker is engaged in actual problem-solving, not talking point recall and sound bite planning.

People are tired of the con and are ready to have policy delivered by a calm, competent figure they can trust. 

The word I was looking for is character.



mal said...

Evers is from east-central (white) Wisconsin and is a born bureaucrat.

I'm voting for Evers; heart of heart, we're fucked unless the prevailing political winds blow this white bag of nothing over the goal line.

Minnesconsin Tom said...

I am over-the-moon happy with Tony Evers as the Democratic candidate for governor, for all the reasons you list, and more. He was my favorite all along...he is the strongest candidate we have run in many moons.

As a Milwaukee County resident, I am also glad that Earnell Lucas won, finally spelling the end of the nightmarish David Clarke era.

To answer your question as to how I would feel if I walked into a classroom for parent-teacher conferences and saw Scott Walker behind the first thought would be: “How on earth could he be the teacher? He couldn’t even be the substitute without a Bachelor’s Degree!”

Gma Sue said...

Thanks for your thoughtful words. Have been so weary of the absence of character in our recent political history. I remember when WI was a leader in public services, in respectable government. Evers represents a return to our values and I hope there's enough of us to care.

Anonymous said...

Walker is selling fear that Evers will take Wisconsin "BACK" ....... lets hope its back to safe roads, funded public education, clean water, land and air with a restored DNR, support for the world class U W, restoration of voting opportunities for all Wisconsinites, jobs that pay a living wage, finally truth and honesty in governing that works for the people of this state not just the corporate CEO's who bought the government they wanted from Scott Walker!

Anonymous said...

Tony Evers is running with a fierce integrity and fearless joy that is refreshing. Check him out for yourself at...

Anonymous said...

Mal is right and I've already voted for him. It is time for change and, like Hillary in 2016, Evers is the only way to prevent some real awful things. If it is close, Walker will be anointed even if the numbers smell funny.

Nothing has materially changed in the crazy and entirely inverifiable systems in Walkersha. Look for those votes to roll in late, after we have the enough of Madison and Milwaukee to accurately gauge Evers margins of victory there.

Then, miracle of miracles, we will be that an impossible more than 99% of eligible voters cast ballots overwhelmingly for Walker and tbe race will flip.

Every vote matter this fall. Assume nothing, except that your vote matters if you want to see change. Trump didn't actually beat Clinton, be she ignored us the entire race, it should not have been close, and no can actually verify any counts anyhow.

Reversing Walker's divide-and-conquer politics needs to begin at the top.

Chris said...

Scott Walker says we 'can't afford to turn back now' -- I say let's cut our losses by dumping him and his cronies.

Anonymous said...

Right now,

Right now,

Right now it's time to...KICK OUT THE JAMS MOTHERFUCKERS!

Kick Out The Jams Original Uncensored Version 1968