Friday, November 2, 2018

Having helped suppress voting, Walker feigns 'action' against voting suppression

Well, if Trump can order 15,000 regular army troopers to stop mothers and children walking to Texas from Central America, the least his little buddy can do here is look tough and engaged and snag some free air time by ordering National Guard members to get ready to fend off threats to state polling places.

Of course, the known threats to participation at the polls come from Walker and his voting suppression allies who have scrubbed names off the rolls and put voter ID barriers in front of minorities and students. 



Anonymous said...

Your post reflects the general directive, but then be has clarified that this is about the Guard's Cyber-Security unit.

There may (or may not) be some hi-tech and competent people there, but this is certainly not the Guards expertise nor are they in any way the most qualified to do this.

This is more about providing cover for the Chaos we will see Tuesday - Walker has just given his media allies the amo they need to justify another hacked election and then flush the whole thing down the memory hole.

Please mark these words: This is about cover for an election where the fix is in. It is unprecedented here and serves no legitimate purpose.

Anonymous said...

Feigns Action seems accurate. Whenever he suddenly announces something I picture him snapping his fingers and saying "That's it! We'll pretend that _____ does matter! We'll announce a new directive. I'm a genius!"