Wednesday, November 14, 2018

About Walker's post-election 'right thing' political silence

It's trust-but-verify and actions-speak-louder-than-words-time at the State Capitol.

Agreed that Walker is doing "the right thing" to stay out of the news while Governor-elect Tony Evers moves through the gubernatorial transition.

We will see if Walker extends that behavior by discouraging his legislative allies from vindictive cutting back Evers' powers and prerogatives, as they have indicated they may - -  and will also follow through with vetoes - - should the special session he called result in bitter Vos/Fitzgerald overreach

I'm sure Walker understands that it's legacy-building time, and that if he wants a continuing political career - - remember, he's only 51 and even Richard Nixon got himself off the scrapheap - - he'll have a harder time remaking himself if he goes out as an 11th-hour sore and sour loser.

Picture of Representative Robin Vos
Walker may be engaging in some 'right thing' post election silence, but GOP Assembly Speaker was self-righteously-loud-and-clear about last-minute, partisan legislating.


Minnesconsin Tom said...

The plain fact is, Scott Walker has a little over a month to find a job and place to live. That’s a serious situation, and he should be devoting pretty much every waking moment to resolving it. If he can’t, here’s hoping that his mother’s new apartment has a spare bedroom for him and Tonette.

Peter Felknor said...

Wow. It's a long way from jetting around all day drinking beer on the taxpayer dime. Reminds me of that old Steve Martin film The Jerk.