Thursday, November 22, 2018

Walker uses Twitter for fun, games and hypocrisy

Three reasons Walker's really got his nerve posting this tweet while still living in his publicly-paid mansion:
  22 hours ago22 hours ago 22 hours ago22 hours agoMoreTrue freedom and prosperity come not from the clumsy hand of the government - but from empowering people to control their own destinies through the dignity that is born of work.
1. That "clumsy hand" of government has been steady enough to write him a paycheck and cover his and the family's expense for close to 30 years. A hand steady enough to guide his taxpayer-paid SUV caravans and the state airplanes he's gonna miss.

2. And as he's huddling with more of his big government bellhops scheming to use state power to hamstring the incoming, duly-elected Governor, continue to pass up medicaid funding for low-income citizens, manipulate the election calendar at great expense to give one of his Supreme Court appointees a ballot-box leg up, continue to enrich special interest clients of the administration and withhold food aid for some unemployed residents.

3. And, by the way, the people empowered through controlling their own destines that they want you and your crew the hell out, in part because of your continuing lack of dignity.

His next tweet showed him more interested in controlling a game console.

18 hours agoMoreHaving some fun at Dave & Buster’s in Wauwatosa.

You who who's not having fun with you there?

The 584 Wisconsin dairy farm families who went out of business since January in the milk-and-cheese economy you over-subsidized. 

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Peter Felknor said...

Dave & Buster's is going to be a little rich for the blood of someone who is soon to be unemployed and homeless. He may want to check out the McDonald's dollar menu, although they don't serve beer.