Thursday, November 1, 2018

Schimel's Public Defenders-for-Billionaires are K.A.E.D.

The State Journal reports that our taxpayer-paid GOP-run Attorney General's office joined a court fight in California to help a Koch brothers-linked group resist a demand for campaign finance records.
Wisconsin filed a friend-of-the-court brief supporting the conservative Americans for Prosperity Foundation in a lawsuit to keep its donor list out of the hands of California regulators.
If the Koch's lead counsel prevails, somebody just might be getting one those coveted Schimel/taxpayer-paid special achievement coins!

And the initials on the coin - - K.A.E.D - - shorthand for Schimel's motto "Kicking Ass Every Day," could easily in this case stand for 'Koch Assets Evade Disclosure."
Brad Schimel.jpg
More of Schimel's 'represent our client' mantra, no doubt, but who knew that Koch brothers interests in California had become a Wisconsin client? 

So, Bucky - - add your contribution to this state-assisted Koch brothers defense fund to the kleptocratic legal services Walker and Schimel routinely render to big corporations while Wisconsin taxpayers - - having been stripped of the small Public Intervenor's unit that once-upon-a-fairer-time represented the commons resource cases - - dip into their own pockets to fend off state agencies that would take their water rights, park land and homes.

Though it's good to see that we're establishing some precedent for providing public assistance to able-bodied recipients without work requirements or drugs tests.

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