Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Today's good vibe doesn't have to be a one-time event

A few more post-election thoughts.

* Some people had felt Evers and Baldwin were not flashy enough. Too low-key, too little juice.

I felt instead that those were strengths in a political environment where talking heads and candidates and ads are often loud and aggressive.

I heard Evers speak in person a couple of times. He was reasonable and informed.

And that has always been Baldwin's trademark.

I think a lot of voters were more than ready to listen and learn.

* Speaking of ads, I want to mention some that were particularly effective.  

Josh Kaul's spot juxtaposing an unprocessed rape with one of AG Schimel's ego-centric comparative coins was a winner.

Ditto for the Baldwin ads with first-person testimonials about Vukmir's votes against lifesaving medications. 

And every Evers ad that ended with "it's time for a change" pretty much made the case.

Again: these ads were, to belabor a point, reasonable, informed, low-key.

* And do not underestimate the significance of voters statewide elevating Mandela Barnes as the first African-American Wisconsinite to the position of Lt. Governor. This is a young and energetic leader with an unlimited ceiling.

Put it this way: the Dems provided candidates and messages that had authenticity. 

So now the hard work begins: putting together a cabinet, hiring staffs,  rebuilding departments like the DNR which have been degraded and removing the calcifying right-wing ideology that has been embedded so deeply into public agencies, including the Department of Justice

A solidly GOP legislature could obstruct, grid-lock and monkey-wrench the whole system. I hope Republicans know they do that at their peril, but as their leader in DC always said, 'we'll see,'

Final thought: remember how good you felt this morning, and what a change that was from the night that Walker won the recall election, or when Trump took the Presidency.

We can have more of these better says with the same kind of effort that won the big races here yesterday.

On, Wisconsin.


Anonymous said...

Please Tony Evers. Don't bring the Doyle people back. I beg you.

Anonymous said...

I waited eight years to see these words: "Scott Walker loses..."

What will he do now that he won't be on the public dole?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Ambassador to some meaningless country or a lesser administrator in Trump's Cabinet/White House