Thursday, November 1, 2018

Wisconsin's worst politician makes his most hollow gesture yet

Don't think Scott Walker has a molecule, a scintilla, an iota of interest in your health care; he's only  interested in a last-minute, Hail Mary breath of life for his disintegrating campaign.

No doubt Walker has polling data which shows him losing to Tony Evers, dragged down by a feckless, inhumane history opposing Obamacare, otherwise why toss out a last-ditch pre-existing condition coverage pledge that blows up years of his own positions, actions and GOP dogma?

If Walker really believed in public policies which guarantee pre-existing condition coverage he wouldn't on the day he was sworn in have ordered the Attorney General to join litigation to overturn Obamacare where pre-existing coverages are guaranteed, as I recently wrote:
I mean, if Walker can pretend to be The Education Governor, can The Obamacare Governor be far behind?
Sidebar: Apparently, yes! If you believe the hype. 
Even though just as Walker dropped out of the 2015 presidential race after bashing Obamacare for months he'd bragged that he was the Anti-Obamacare Governor from his first moments in office. "Literally."
Walker and other Republicans have been battling the Affordable Care Act since its inception. In Tuesday's speech, he said that "literally moments" after taking his oath of office when he became governor, he turned to Wisconsin's then-attorney general and authorized him to join a lawsuit challenging Obamacare. 
A suit from which he could have and should have ordered the AG to withdraw.

This late move is classic Walker: duplicitous, dishonest, devious, desperate, spineless, and unprincipled.

Who would take him at his word. He who broke his promise to create 250,000 jobs, and his pledge in 2014 to serve out a full second term by running for President in 2015.

His promise now to magically-create pre-existing insurance coverage is as unreliable and transparently useless as his list of Pants on Fire lies.

It's the final act of a slippery

one-dimensional fraudster who has consistently put his career ahead of anyone and anything else.

While enjoying great health insurance benefits supplied by taxpayers and joining his party in denying through state power that same quality of care and peace of mind to the less fortunate in the name of 'the free market,' and his b.s. about 'a hand up and not a hammock' and other harmful, hateful, insincere and insensitive slogans.

Talk about a sick joke at the expense of people are really, seriously sick.

Vote him out and vote in the trustworthy Tony Evers, the real deal.

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Anonymous said...

Funny you mention polling data that shows Walker is losing. All across Wisconsin, the media is declaring its a dead-heat tie.

Walker's BBF is promoting this as legitimate and meaningdul, which is just another jsonline lie (to be fair, the use the headline that it's an "11th hour proposal, but they are still lying by presenting it as a real and workable solution to his attempt to eliminate coverage for pre-existing conditions)

Your take on it is accurate - even the reference to him being down in the polls. The usual media shills, including the state's biggest newspapers, are telling us that Walker is actually ahead slightly based on a rigged poll paid for by Walker's dark money funders.