Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Dems Evers, Barnes, Kaul upend Republicans Walker, Schimel

Walker fatigue finally caught up with Scott Walker. So did two years of Donald Trump.

I count this election Day as Earth Day 2.0 in Wisconsin, thanks to a solid blue wave strong enough to wash away eight years of political and environmental pollution.

While the State Legislature remains in GOP hands, Walker has been defeated by the duo of a calm, issue-oriented state school superintendent Tony Evers, and the precedent-setting Lieutenant Governor-elect, Mandela Barnes, our state's first African-American citizen elevated to that post.

And Josh Kaul's late-night-early-morning 21,000-vote lead is the icing on the cheesecake, because it means that everyday people fighting for science-driven policies, and for clean water near CAFOs, and for state parkland staying in the hands of the people instead of special interests, and for cleaner air and fishable rivers and intact wetlands won't also have to battle against a hard-right ideologue sitting in the Attorney General's office serving as the Governor's cudgel to help out corporations and trade associations.

There's a lot to unpack in the outcome. There's plenty of time for punditry.

I'll say for now that Walker planted the seeds of this defeat with his disastrous, over-reaching run for the presidency, undermining his pledge to serve out a full second term.

People rightfully felt kicked to the curb, from which they saw potholes, Scottholes, underfunded roads, and finally another Walker campaign which seemed to be run from state airplanes by a Governor who literally behaved like he was above it all.

But later for the post-mortems.

This is a great day, a change day, a day for science and public policy, for the land and the water, for optimism and integrity, and especially for the kids and grand kids whose birthright won't be put up for auction in Wisconsin in exchange for careerist partisan advantage.

So for now - - big ups to Tony Evers, Mandela Barnes, Josh Kaul, their staffs, volunteers, canvassers and voters.

It's late. 

More later.

On, Wisconsin.


Peter Felknor said...

I have waited eight long years to see Ship Walker go down. It finally happened. Thanks for keeping the faith.

Anonymous said...

This was outside their theft range. Tammy Baldwin won by more than 10%. Walker needed the media's imaginary Baldwin/Walker votes to hijack this election.

While not impossible given our Wisconsin proprietary, closed, and easily hacked election systems, they were not able to flip 5%-6% and the 4% that appear flipped was not enough to overcome the historic midterm turnout that was almost 60%.

But here's the story the media will not tell: Voters should not have to turn out in record numbers to beat a fraud factor that exists in our non-verifiable elections.

But even more important, there is no legitimate reason anyone should even question outcomes of elections. The system is designed to be rigged, we know it has been hacked, it could have been and was hacked in previous years, and the media wants us to believe that it is impossible to document how it has been hacked - all lies.

Congratulations to all who voted and hat-tip to Evers and Kaul, however, this election demonstrates why our systems are inadequate. There never should have been a divide-and-conquer Governor for 8 years.

MJS will lead the state's rightwing media echo chamber attacking Evers and rehabbing Walker as a victim who is the Republican white knight when Trump is no longer viable or eligible to run again.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

So delicious the sham plagiarism media-generated sham to justify another stolen election didn't come into play and Walker's laughable National Guard Cyber security con is is relevant. They couldn't flip enough to steal.

Wisconsin still has a serious election integrity problem.

Anonymous said...

We also have a new State Treasurer who plans to use her office to improve the lives of Wisconsinites. Sara Godlewski hopes to help solve the Student Loan crisis which is crippling our economy.

Joy said...

Congratulations to us all! At least the Executive branch is in good hands, and I’m so hoping the Kaul lead holds. Deliciously ironic that Walker can’t ask for recount because of the Repub law they pushed through after 2016.

Jody Kuchar said...

Walker was the worst thing that could have happened to this state. There is an awful lot to be healed in a state that has
suffered pillaging for the last 8 years.

Mortified West Allis Resident said...

It's 10:00 am Wednesday and to my knowledge the soon to be ex-governor has yet to appear/respond on any type of media. My God, he could face down 4000+ protesting mob which demonstrated his ability to take on ISIS. Where is his guts now???? Bye Bye sore loser.

Anonymous said...

I expect the soon to be ex-governor is too busy for comments on his loss.

He is probably busy with all those wingnut welfare forms he needs to fill out to be able to put food on his family dontch'a know??

Jake formerly of the LP said...

He ended up releasing a snarky statement of concession without going in front of the cameras. Sadly, this is more classy than I was expecting...and that's not very classy.

Anonymous said...

He may have to pee in a cup Anon 12:04