Tuesday, November 6, 2018

SE WI already on dirty air map. Foxconn's huge emissions loom.

Better mapping shows where Americans already breathe bad air.
Smoke stacks from a factory.
Southeastern Wisconsin, already on the list, will get more unhealthy emissions because the WI DNR fast-tracked permits for Foxconn's heavy new airborne pollution and Trump's EPA further relaxed clean air standards in lakeshore counties to help Walker, politically.

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Foxconn could increase Racine County’s emissions by 6 percent
Foxconn Technology Group’s massive LCD manufacturing campus in Mount Pleasant could increase emissions of ozone precursors in Racine County by roughly 6 percent and the plant would be among the largest manufacturing emissions sources in southeastern Wisconsin, according to permit applications and data from the state Department of Natural Resources...
The four facilities, to be built in phases over the next several years, could combine to emit 229 tons per year of nitrogen oxides, 240 tons of carbon monoxide, 52 tons of particulate matter, 4 tons of sulfur dioxide and 275 tons of volatile organic compounds.
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Foxconn-friendly air rules for SE WI draw IL lawsuit
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Walker's 8-year war on Wisconsin's environment, Part 8. Dirty air.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like they mythical Baldwin/Walker voters will swing the election. Baldwin wins by 11% and Walker wins by 1 or 2%.

You've all been had! Wisconsin elections are inverifiable, closed proprietary systems. No, more than 1 out of 10 Tammy Baldwin voters did not vote for Walker!

The fix was in, the usual players were complicit, and Walker will again be hoisted on the national stage as the "Midwest Nice" racist and divide-and-conquer version of Trump.