Monday, November 19, 2018

To grasp the Kohler golf course controversy, look around you

The literal grassroots group Friends of the Black River Forest is acting locally. To get the global picture, think locally.

It's great that the projected loss of a nature preserve and adjoining acreage within Kohler Andrae State Park along Lake Michigan in Sheboygan is finally getting the statewide media attention it deserves.

This major disclosure about questionable permitting procedures, and follow-up reports like one today in the Journal Sentinel are putting the issues out there.

I included information about the project and the litigation it is facing in this recent post listing several of the major environmental matters the Walker administration is leaving behind.
* Four legal actions triggered by the issuance by state agencies of a wetlands permit, permission to acquire state parkland, and a quickie land annexation - - all to help a key Walker donor build a controversial, privately-owned golf course along Lake Michigan in Sheboygan County. 
Here is one blog post with some of the project's history and a summary local news story laying out the legal challenges.
But not everyone has been to the site - - some details and photos, here - - so let me make a suggestion.

Head for your nearest park. 

Take a few moments to appreciate what's there, like this scene in Milwaukee's Lake Park yesterday - -  
Lake Park, Milwaukee
Lake Park, Milwaukee.
- - and then ask yourself, why is something like that, but far bigger and richer, being sacrificed for private gain through the enabling work of several local and state agencies?

And for the record, here's a photo of some of the actual state parkland 
Kohler Andrae State Park, Sheboygan
which the Walker donor/developer will be able to use for a road, a vehicle and maintenance building, plus some parking. See anything different from the photos of Lake Park? Other than the season and time of day?

That's my point - - though also imagine the rare sand dunes, filled wetlands and 100+ acres of timber and wildlife habitat that are among the larger losses in the nature preserve.)

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