Thursday, November 1, 2018

Feedback on Walker's 8-year war on Wisconsin's environment series

Of the 21 parts in this blog's series about Walker's attach on the environment, readers made the installment covering 33 times that Walker disregarded science their number-one selection, blog data shows.
The Little Plover River, near large, groundwater-sucking farms, dries up in the summer. During Walker's tenure, the number of impaired waterways the DNR reported to the EPA has doubled.
The next two most-popular installments were about wetlands, then a summary item about citizens paying over and over again to fight the government they fund through their taxes.

The three least-read items were about Walker policies based on numbers pulled out of the air - - like wetlands for filling and DNR acres for sale - -  his failed effort to kill the DNR magazine and his record of blocking environmental, health and other public information.

All the installments are linked in its final part.

Thanks for the readership, downloads, comments and shares.

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