Friday, November 9, 2018

Robin Vos and the state's disappearing fiscal 'great news'

So, consider this story today on November 9th that got a lot of people's attention:
Wisconsin needs $2 billion more to cover existing programs and schools in next budget
But flash back just a few days ago to October 15, when the state DOA lauded its "tough, prudent financial decisions and common-sense reforms" and the "great news as we look ahead to the next budget cycle."

How's that, again?

Note also that GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos
Robin Vos speaks at Racine Tea Party event (8378614585).jpg
tweeted himself into the picture, but given today's budget story, is Vos really whom you want leading the charge to make 11th-hour changes in state government while flat out barring Wisconsin from ever accepting expanded Medicaid funding and eager to push through another big corporate subsidy package in the approaching special session if he was ready to promote a Wisconsin fiscal picture which now seems, shall we say, overstated, fluffed-up and spun?

 Oct 15
Press Release: State Ends Fiscal Year with $588.5 Million Balance, Grows Rainy Day Fund to Record-High $320.1 Million

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