Friday, November 9, 2018

Will Walker agencies spit out favors like a broken ATM?

Calling all watchdogs and whistle-blowers.

Let's expand the surveillance from what's cooking in the Legislature to what Walker's political departmental appointees could be working on. 

Given that the DNR approved three more controversial groundwater pumping permits a week before the election - - 
The Little Plover River runs dry with so many big ag withdrawals nearby. River Alliance of Wisconsin photo.

something I noted at the time, but insufficiently - - it's fair to ask if there are additional 11th-hour groundwater giveaways or wetland fills or more-smog permits or rule-based maneuvers to hand out to special interests and donors before Walker's 'chamber of commerce mentality' DNR managers fade back into the private sector in January?

No doubt there's a cadre of consultants and lawyers coordinating with Big Ag and various lobbies to get their permit paperwork in ASAP.

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