Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Another blow to local control, clean WI water

[Updated] Wisconsin Democracy Campaign got it right when it said local control in Wisconsin was "under assault."

Fresh evidence: the Wisconsin Supreme Court just took local control away from the Town of Saratoga to further boost a CAFO's grip on land and water there.

[Update - - the WDC just posted this item with the CAFO owners' political contribution history.]

As the DNR has repeatedly done in Kewaunee County.

Manure runoff in Kewaunee County

Now abetted by GOP Attorney General Brad Schimel.

And his brown water expertise.

Along with polluter-in-chief Scott Walker.

Republicans used to champion local controls because it fit the party's anti-big government posture.

Now it's the party of big government, and big handouts, too.

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Anonymous said...

Many of these people, if you can extrapolate from election data, voted for Walker and Donald tRump. Don't get me wrong -- this is bad and I appreciate your post -- but they also asked for this.

Who would have thunk? Elections have consequences and when you vote a straight corporate agenda, this is what ya get.

The fools I have the most contempt for are the self-righteous republicans that complained about eminent domain when Great Lakes Basin Rail was being shoved-down their throats. These were largely Walkerites with "Trump the B!tch!" signs in their yards.

Walker is selling them out on that account now too. In fact -- even their own village that is giving them the shaft!!!! I guess when they are displaced under eminent domain, they are not longer part of the village voting constituency.

Village of Mount Pleasant declares Foxconn area as blighted, may use eminent domain to take properties


It is tempting to call them all morons, but then again I belive Mr. Rowen would likely prefer to avoid calling the folk's republicans exploit time-and-time again idiots.