Monday, April 16, 2018

Another day, another Walker hollow pledge, per his record

Walker says he'll serve a full term if re-elected.

Scott Walker pledges to serve a full third term if re-elected and says he wouldn't go to Trump administration

He "committed" to the same thing on the eve of his 2014 re-election before he jumped into the Presidential nominating race.
"My plan is if the people of the state of Wisconsin elect me on Nov. 4 is to be here for 4 years….it’s a position I’m committed to.”
C-SPAN, video, Walker-Burke debate, 25:30 mark, Oct. 10, 2014
Looks like someone is having his own memory-free "Mission Accomplished" moment. 



Unknown said...

Walker's an oxygen thief. His word is as worthless as Trump's.

kjbe said...

If he wants to link himself to Trump, please have at it.