Monday, October 1, 2018

Add 'The Anti-UWM Governor' to Walker's list of true nicknames

If Scott Walker is the education governor, then Betsy Devos wins a Lifetime Teacher Appreciation plaque and Brett Kavanaugh is Sobriety's Man of the Year.

Which is why I recommend your reading Karen Herzog's incisive examination of UWM's loss of revenue and faculty, particularly in its School of Education, for more proof that Walker has been anything but the education governor his campaign claims while running for re-election against Tony Evers, an actual educator and the incumbent Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction

I'd noted often on the blog the deep cuts Walker has inflicted the UW System and secondary education, and the damage Walker's Act has done to teaching profession in the state, so little surprise that a leading education program at UWM to further train teachers with Master's Degrees has been measurably devalued.

So I will add this post as "The Anti-UWM Governor" to a list of about three dozen titles to Walker's true resume, like this handful of examples:

And friend of the printed word, like all pro-education officials.

The pro-blue-collar worker Governor.

Who created those promised 250,000 new private-sector jobs as the right on time governor.

He's also the pothole-fighter.

The poverty-fighting Governor.

The champion of local control.

And the pro-women's-health Governor.

As he's been the friend of the small dairy farmer Governor.

Foe of chronic deer herd wasting disease Governor.

And the small-business startup Governor.

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Anonymous said...

He evidently got kicked out from Marquette (otherwise he would have surely finished the degree even distinguished celebrity), so no wonder he hates schools k-12, post secondary, and all forms of teachers too.