Thursday, November 8, 2018

Citizens, media must say "no!" to WI GOP election nullification

Roll out the bullhorns and editorial ink by the barrel, Bucky.

Like Wisconsin media correctly did when Team Walker tried to throttle democracy by monkey-wrenching public record access to elevate dirty policy-making.

Now every publisher, editorial board, news editor, columnist, blog administrator and anyone with a phone, email or text needs to do the same thing and demand that GOP legislative leaders, obviously with one of Walker's winks as the green light, do not cripple - - as they plan - - the incoming Evers administration with restrictive laws meant to cripple executive powers.

It's one thing to be a bitter, small-minded loser or go on another drunk-with-power bender.

It's another thing to act out in such a pathologically partisan manner at the expense of regular order. 

These GOP politicians all swore oaths to uphold the law, not to twist and poison it because they didn't like the outcome of an election which the law guarantees, and protects, so tell Vos, Fitzgerald and Walker to lay off and grow up.

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Anonymous said...

I understand why you say it and I don't deny that your message about the media is important. It is appropriate to bring some reality to the table. Wisconsin media prop up Scott Walker for more than 8 years. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, carry him to the top of Milwaukee County Government.

Perhaps we will see some token opposition from Wisconsin's media, but it will be done with a nudge nudge wink wink say no more.

Wisconsin media will do nothing but attack Tony Evers for being less effective than their BFF Scott Walker. They will not challenge this in any meaningful way, because if Evers hands are tied, it plays into the right-wing media's hands. Right-wing media is essentially all that most Wisconsin citizens see.