Thursday, November 29, 2018

Foxconn lays off 155 in Indiana

Subsidiaries of Foxconn - - the Taiwan-based corporate entity which 'won' from Wisconsin the largest subsidy ever awarded a foreign corporation - - announced cutbacks at a plant in Indiana
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near Indianapolis, according to the Indianapolis Business Journal.
Two subsidiaries of computer electronics manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group plan to lay off 155 employees at a facility in Plainfield over the next three months. 
Q-Edge Corp. and Foxconn/Hon Hai Logistics California LLC notified state officials of the impending layoffs on Wednesday.
Foxconn recently announced company-wide deep cuts in investment, scaled-back the initial phase of the plant it is building in Mt. Pleasant, WI, and has floated the idea of importing workers there

And the company is acknowledging that assembly-line automation will be part of the Mt. Pleasant operation. 

Translation: robots are coming,  they don't need vacation and health-care benefits, and will never unionize, so heads up, Bucky and understand who and what you are subsidizing.

I will add this posting to an archive of Foxconn items I have maintained since last year, and where you sill see that Walker has literally bet the farm on this boondoggle.

Cabbage fields on the Foxconn site, 2017

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Anonymous said...

Walker is such a stooge. Be lied to us in 2014, saying he would served full term. He was almost immediately running for President (this took planning before the official announcement).

Tony Evers said it succinctly, Scott Walker does what is best for Scott Walker. He does not care about Wisconsin, the rubes that vote for him, and certainly not the people that vote against him.

Foxconn is a scam - the most expensive and devastating scam of is type in history!

I can only hope that Evers follows Michael Flynn and the others that have found grounds to take legal action and stop this travesty. Wisconsin cannot afford this. Remember, Walker has also hid a $2 BILLION shortfall in the upcoming budget and the transportation budget is $1 BILLION in the hole.