Monday, November 12, 2018

Robin Vos lives in Bizarro, Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Assembly GOP Speaker Robin Vos' limitations and liabilities are embarrassingly on full display.

In his upside-down-world, he and his fellow Republicans are not the sore losers after last week's election which he's scheming to discount without actually throwing away the ballots.
Picture of Representative Robin Vos

The "sore losers" are "big lie" Democrats.

His words.

Vos went on projecting about sore losing and intentionally ignoring the results for more than nine minutes on an AM 620 WTMJ talk show the other day, without challenge. 

You can hear the full interview, here.

It's surprising that Vos, the self-proclaimed admirer of Winston Churchill, is wrestling with the documented outcome of an election and its simple meaning, given Chruchill's admonition about dealing with facts when faced with them:
“The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”
But since Vos is chasing after 'there it isn't,' more of his 'thinking,' and words, not Churchlll's:

Big Wisconsin cities in Vos' Bizarro world are foreign territory where unworthy people live for his disparagement and isolation.

Vos believes Republicans are entitled to protect every one of "bedrock" Walker/GOP programs which "liberals" in Milwaukee and "the downtown Madison crowd" may challenge through something as unfamiliar to Vos as the democratic process.

And where there are "empty buses" and other programs serving urban Wisconsinites which Vos has long discounted, including "light rail," which runs nowhere in Wisconsin, and streetcars in Milwaukee which Vos in his radio appearance - - I can't call it an interview - - singled out for condemnation despite its documented positive impact on property values and hotel development.

The heart of the problem is that from his powerful perch in the legislature, but protected in the confines of a semi-rural village of 3,700, Vos cannot perceive a state government where Republicans do not forever feast in a political environment where, as Mark Belling said when they took full power in the 2010 elections, "they can do whatever they want."


Jake formerly of the LP said...

A very little man with a horrible case of "Big fish, small pond" syndrome, and isn't nearly as smart as he thinks he is. Evers and Barnes should clown this guy early, often, and never let up.

And now that 94.5 FM is all sports, can we get the Brewers, Bucks and Pack off of the right-wing cesspool of BS known as WTMJ?

Jim Limbach said...

Vos defends the Republican vote negating gerrymander claiming city folks shouldn't be able to dictate policy to rural folks. Yet Republicans have been on a tear removing the power to make decisions from those communities he claims to be defending. In reality he and his party don't represent their districts. They cater only to A.L.E.C.'s corporate dictates. I suspect now that Walker is going away he expects to inherit a big chunk of the Koch money which has been ravaging our state for the last 8 years.