Thursday, November 8, 2018

The disrespected, manipulated Wisconsin electorate, 2.0

As we watch Vos and Fitzgerald - - obviously with Walker's approval - -

scheming to restrict Evers' governorship and essentially extend the defeated Walker's influence after being given the boot, I want to post another reminder - - I say "another" because I added this earlier today - - about what Walker had already put Wisconsin through before launching his ill-fated, egomaniacal presidential run in 2015.

This was the item's title:
The Disrespected, Manipulated Wisconsin Electorate
My point is that they're doing it again, big-time.

As you comb through this list which I was aiming at out-of-state media and potential primary voters, never forget that Walker actually bragged in his failed memoir about what he read to his senior staff in the early days of his first term, and know that no Democrat elected Tuesday would ever comport herself or himself this way, as I wrote in 2015:
Most politicians like to please as many people as possible.
Few Governors would read a snotty Top Ten Public Employee Insult List to the senior staff, including:
"On a snow day when they say “non-essential” people should stay home you know who they mean. 
"You know by having a copy of the Holy Koran on your desk your job is 100% safe. 
"You have a Democratic congressman’s lips permanently attached to your butt."
This is the sort of garbage that finally caught up with Walker on Tuesday, yet his legislative henchmen want to further embed his disrespectful and damaging legacy into the Wisconsin political environment.

Tell them "no!" And organize.


Anonymous said...

This list is why Walker would tweet pictures of his lunch lunch bag and melting ice cream. He's too stupid to actually write something that will work with voters.

Anonymous said...

The manipulation comes from the state's media. We know why Walker and his Republican cronies lie. But it takes mass media to catapult the lies across the state.


Walker's BFF jsonline has already started its disinformation campaign to undermine Evers. Their website features a bogus report that the state actually has a structural deficit of TWO BILLION DOLLARS on top of the mess Walker created borrowing $1 billion for the hole in his transportation budget.

Unbelievably, or at least until you remember that MJS is the propaganda arm of Wisconsin's GOP, they never mention Scott Walker or his fiscal mismanagement a single time!

They want you to believe that no one could have know until so bogus policy group released its findings today, conveniently after the election.

MJS owns this mess, as no one did more to create the myth of all-powerful fiscal conservative Scott Walker. Evers will have his hands tied with the legislature controlled by Walker's cronies. MJS has already started the mighty Wurlitzer which the rest of the media will cast across Wisconsin.

This 2 Billion in additional shortcomings is all on GOP and Walker. Any measures taken to fix the problem are a result of Walker's failed policies.

But as you can see today, Wisconsin's media will not tell the truth about this.