Thursday, November 15, 2018

Tommy sticks it to Walker

Former GOP Gov. Tommy Thompson's ego is still intact, though he's moved on 
from old scapegoats to a new target. 

*  After a bit of hesitation, Tommy says he could have beaten Evers:

Asked about Walker's re-election bid, Thompson suggested that it was all but inevitable that Walker would lose to Evers, given the massive Democratic turnout in Dane and Milwaukee counties. 
Thompson said the situation was made worse for Republicans because college-educated women in the Milwaukee suburbs really dislike President Donald Trump...
"Scott Walker couldn't have won. I don't know if even I would have been able. I probably could have," said Thompson, who lost in his last statewide campaign, against U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin in 2012.
I guess that's how one former GOP Governor who won four terms kicks when down a potential legacy rival from the same party who couldn't win a third. 


And you thought Trump had an empathy deficit.
Tommy Thompson 1.jpg
Dining with Evers Thursday
* And while nearly all of this news story is behind a paywall, it's clear that Tommy is letting Walker know that 'divide-and-conquer' is also dead-and-buried:
Governor-elect Evers seeks bipartisan counsel from former Gov. Tommy Thompson
Wisconsin Governor-elect Tony Evers, a Democrat, has reached out to former Gov. Tommy Thompson, a Republican, about how to work across the political aisle, said Thompson, who excelled in bipartisanship.

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