Thursday, November 8, 2018

Fitzgerald talks 'reasonable' anti-Evers' legislating; Walker called Act 10 bomb "modest."

If you are following the efforts by little Republican dictators to nullify the will of Wisconsin voters Tuesday night by taking from Governor-elect Tony Evers some of the powers GOP legislative leaders had earlier showered on their Governor-for-life Scott Walker, you may have read read that Walker's chief state senate legislative errand boy Scott Fitzgerald
Wisc Sen. Scott Fitzgerald.jpg
is pitching the GOP's 11th-hour dirty power politicking as mere "reasonable" tweaking.

Remember, this is the same crew that pitched their Act 10 public employee bomb as mere "reasonable, reasonable requests,"as the consummate political journalist Bill Lueders recorded in 2011:
"...these are modest, modest requests," Walker asserted, of proposals that would completely strip public employees of their right to collectively bargain for anything except salaries (and to severely limit their ability to do even this), along with sweeping new rules that will make it difficult for their unions to survive. 

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