Friday, November 30, 2018

Walker goes out like he came in, cutting off food

The Washington Post shines a bright light on the Wisconsinites whom Scott Walker and his party are OK to starve.
Wisconsin — with its work requirement set to expand next year and a focus on employment and training — is a role model for the Trump administration’s vision of food aid for poor Americans who could go hungry, ratcheting up what many of them are expected to do to get government help.
Walker began cutting off food aid from poor people nearly eight years ago:
The Walker budget narrative explains without a whiff of paternalism how [he] wants to make Wisconsin's poor in the W-2 program grasp the complicated but important relationship between motivation, personal responsibility, job success - - and fasting....
It's right there in the budget, on page 65, in the "Health and Human Services" section: 
"To further encourage W-2 recipients to recognize that the goal of W-2 is for participants to secure unsubsidized employment, reduce the monthly benefit check by $20." 
Hey, you little brat! You think you get that every month?
Right: Walker knows that by taking away that $20 bucks worth of luxuries every month, like that cow's milk by the gallon, and canned tuna fish imported from the ocean and macaroni with cheese, he'll light a fire under those welfare queens... [and send] that same message of frugality and accountability to the kids these parents so irresponsibly addicted to food in childhood: 
Just because there's peanut butter in the house, little mister, doesn't mean you get sliced bread so you can make one of your fancy sandwiches.
Walker has done all this while enjoying a state-provided mansion with two kitchens.

And with the help of his party's legislative leaders who from time to time add more money to their members' taxpayer-provided meal allowance/per diem payments, sometimes collectible tax-free, as reported earlier this year.

Legislators often collect daily travel allowances, also known as per diems, as money for job-related meals and lodging. They are allowed to pocket leftover cash, but some who live near Madison must pay income taxes on the money.
The money is in addition to a legislator's $50,950 annual salary....Most Assembly legislators could claim up to $157 per overnight visit to Madison last year and up to $78.50 per single-day visit. Senators could claim up to $115 per day regardless of lodging needs.


Anonymous said...

You are posting factual information about how Scott Walker violates the very bedrock of The New Testament and the words of Jesus. He also continues to lay the groundwork to install fascism and destroy democracy.

This was all endorsed and supported by Wisconsin media. By himself, Walker could never have been a County Executive and then Governor. And while the ownership management team of the lead Walker shill, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, has changed a few times during Walker's reign of economic terror, one does not have to look to hard to see USA Today/Gannet hurling the disinformation across the state.

MJS has always catalted Walker's lies that "he is an Eagle Scout (LOL! He is a 40+ year old!), a profound Christian without ever looking at what that actually means, and entitled & blessed because he is the son of a preacher. The lies continue and we are not safe from a reprise or another divide-and-conquer governor until more people demand change at the state's Mighty Wurlitzer.

Anonymous said...

Anon is right. Under Gannett/USA Today, yesterday jsonline carried the propaganda that the legislature was having a special session to "protect pre-existing conditions" Pure BS!

Tonighr they have this headline on their web: GOP seeks to limit Wisconsin early voting, strip powers from Tony Evers and Josh Kaul in lame-duck session

While some might say "better late than never", but the fact is that for more than 24 hours jsonline and MJS intentionally lied about this in a totally bogus story that was as misleading as cluld be. Only Friday night they tell the truth about Monday's session and its true purpose.

jsonline (Gannett/USA Today) has been running garbage pleas begging for subscribers, yet the last 2 days have clearly demonstrated that nothing has changed. This organization is still a right-wing rag and always will be.

Anonymous said...

Time for the Shepherd Express to go daily and statewide. Many of us will volunteer as reporters until a base of support is established.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Propaganda Alert!

Gannett/USA Today is running this dishonest headline:

Wisconsin undergoes big political shifts while somehow staying 'purple'

The story here is simple and is currently in one of the nation's biggest legal battles - GERRYMANDERING!

MJS really thinks everyone is stupid. Just like the recent national midterms, voters in Wisconsin overwhelmingly voted Democratic, yet Republicans were awarded a majority. We have the most partisan gerrymandering in tbe state.and they want to pretend it is some mystery and makes us.


It would be great if Shepherd Express could morph into a regional newspaper - even better - would be to drop the "Express" local entertainment section and return to it's roots though this would mean a new name & masthead, as "Crazy Shepherd" would not be a viable regional newspaper identity (does anyone else remember the pre-merger paper?)