Monday, November 5, 2018

Vote tomorrow like it's Earth Day, or...

If you can't find enough in the Walker/GOP/Schimel Reward the Polluters record to motivate you, vote like...

It's the first day of school, and your kid gets the teacher you hoped for - - an actual teacher

who respects the profession and wouldn't drop a bomb on them.

Vote like it was that day you got the letter from your health insurer saying your child or spouse's pre-existing medical condition is and will always be covered.

Vote to make sure you never read the words "Leah Vukmir" and "US Senator" in the same sentence, because "Congressman" and "Glenn Grothman" is already nauseating enough.

Vote to have the kind of day you want after a hard commute home and found a notice in your mailbox that said your street would be repaired because the state decided to fix the roads we have before adding more lanes to the highways we can't afford.

Or that transit extensions are coming your way because the science-based officials you elected acknowledge the reality of climate change and understand that greenhouse gases need to be reduced to stem global warming. 

Vote so you don't have to keep reading that the Wisconsin Attorney General is spending your tax dollars propping up the Koch brothers in a case 2,500 miles away after having turned part of the Department of Justice into a right-wing Legal Aid Society office.

Or that the incumbent Governor was using state airplanes like a private, campaign taxi service, or was squandering for his career aggrandizement more than $4 public billion dollars to subsidize a Taiwan-based firm's construction of  a super-air-polluting mega-factory on top of flood-mitigating wetlands and rich farmland, but which now envisions a smaller factory, heavily-robotized. 

Or that the incumbent Governor supported for President a candidate who was on the record bragging about sexually-harassing women.

And has repeatedly invited him to the state for self-serving joint appearances.

And who has yet to say a word of condemnation about that President's grabbing and caging children away from their detained, refugee-seeking parents and who has ordered up regular US Army troops by the thousands to confront the next group of legal refugee-seekers. 

Vote so you don't have to read that Wisconsin counties are already the next toxified Flints, or that a rich donor is handed state parkland through sweetheart arrangements.

Or that you can stop reading that the chamber of commerce membership organizers who run the DNR won't block scientists from testifying at public hearings or turn a blind eye to polluting mining that will poison a sacred, state river, or add more hundreds of state waterways to the polluted rolls through intentionally-weakened public trust 'oversight.'

Vote tomorrow for public service and honest public servants, not for bellhops who always serve the penthouse, looking for big tips.


Anonymous said...

Breaking news:

The website Democratic Underground, which does a lot of get out the vote work, is down today. They were hacked going into the 2016 election. Dailykos another popular democratic-leaning website was also down and hacked in 2016. At this time, dailykos is up. is returning an error.

It appears the concerns being expressed by du members were valid and the site has again been hacked. If this is true, then we see the same manipulations from 2016 are being put in play again, Walker can steal Wisconsin, just like Trump did. The purpose of calling National Guard cyber Security Experts was to tell the public that the results are valid.

This is a very important news story. Please check out Democratic Underground yourself. Don't expect to hear this story on your TV!

Anonymous said...

Democratic Underground is back online. Many people were concerned, it is being attributed to a host server software update. So that's it according to Du, it was not a hack.

Peter Felknor said...

The National Guard thing was a trial balloon to keep minority voters away from the polls. OTOH it would seem to indicate that this time around, Walker lacks the dark money to actually flip the election results.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

I think their polling indicated the racist act was backfiring. Huge early vote in Milwaukee and Madison also indicates that won't scare people away.

Now whether it scares dumb old white people into voting GOP, we will see. But at this point, the demos look quite favorable to Evers. Needs to win sizably to keep it out if the rigging zone.

Anonymous said...

Rigging zone?

The media will tell us is was the massive turnout of Tammy Baldwin/Scott Walker voters that swung the election to give Walker a 3rd term. This is the lie they have been setting up for weeks now lead right-wing Marquette Law Poll.

The adjusted, actually corrupted, exit polls will then be trotted out to "prove" that more than 10% of Baldwin voters are Walker voters.

We will need large turnout and more than 6% margin for Evers to defeat Scott Walker. At 6% or less, they need to flip no more than 3% to send Walker back for a 3rd term and possibly rehab his soiled national reputation for a future White House run.

Please don't kid yourself. If they can manipulate national elections for a racist serial predator and con-man like tRump, they can do the same for Walker. Just like in 2015, the media will catapult the lie that Scott Walker, unlike trump, is "midwest nice" while he launches racist attacks, lies his butt off, and takes his divide-and-conquer on the road.

Please vote - we can beat Walker this year if those he continues to attack get out today and if independents and moderate Republicans choose to send the message that tRumpism is not welcome here.