Thursday, November 29, 2018

WI Dems need to tell the GOP gerrymandering story louder, better

I keep seeing major news stories like this one in The New York Times featuring Republicans' dastardly gerrymandering in North Carolina and Pennsylvania - - but what Wisconsin Republicans did in Wisconsin continues to give them unfair advantage even as they lost all five statewide constitutional office elections three weeks ago.

They're even ready to fix the 2020 State Supreme Court race calendar to help a far-right candidate run in a lower-turnout election with presumably few Democrats voting.

Isthmus of Madison reduced the gerrymander, thumb-on-the-scale reality to a single, killer graphic.
C'mon, state Dems, do a better communications' job. Tell our story, because without the publicity, Walker's hench-people are going to grab more power as Walker goes out the door and Republicans nationally are going to be emboldened by these 11th-hour, one-party-rule tricks.

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Jake formerly of the LP said...

This is very true. Just do what Matt Flynn did the other day on the radio. Call them "the illegitimate, gerrymandered Republican Legislature."

People know what the GOP is doing is BS.....if they constantly get their attention called to it.