Friday, November 9, 2018

Walker 2005 can help explain Walker's defeat, define his legacy

Walker's team, pet project and state budget albatross Foxconn all take another hit to their credibility:
Foxconn Technology Group will need engineers and other technical experts from Asia at its Wisconsin manufacturing complex, at least in the beginning, according to three display industry consultants... 
The state’s contract with Foxconn appears to allow subsidies for employees working in Wisconsin regardless of where they come from, a staff member with the Legislative Fiscal Bureau said this week.
Despite the denials, which no one believed, by the way.

So let me go way back into the vault to remind Walker of perhaps his best, most articulate talking point now 13-years old that could help square up his Foxconn troubles today and re-focus his legacy following Tuesday's defeat.
Opinion: "Lipstick on a pig" applies to Walker record, too

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