Saturday, June 6, 2015

Walker, urging certainty, pushes WI to last place. Again

Walker took over in 2011 and said the state was open for business - - and we know this because actual new billboards announced the good news at the borders - - 

- - but somehow we're now rated #50 in business startup activity:
The state dropped to 50th from 45th last year, the report said. Kauffman, based in Kansas City, Mo., is focused primarily on entrepreneurship and education.
No doubt the $250 million cut to the UW system and the elimination of teaching tenure Walker is dishing out to learn those liberal professors a thing or two about politics will help with that "education" piece of the puzzle cited above.

And talk about a huge coincidence: that's the same ranking Wisconsin recently earned for retaining residents in the middlc-class.

What are the odds?


Anonymous said...

If Our Lord wants Wisconsin's economy in the toilet, that is God's will and Scott Walker is doing it. Our state's largest newspaper has run numerous reports that Scott Walker prays daily and about everything. Nothing he does, according to MJS, is without Heavenly consultation and divine guidance. You Walker haters really just hate Our Lord.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:12

You are spot-on. Thanks for bringing some sanity to this blog. It should be obvious that God of the Christian Bible is using Scott Walker to write that Jesus guy out of the New Testament. After Scott Walker becomes President of the United States he will become our savior through austerity-for-the-masses-and-millions-in-subsidies-to-out-of-state-billionaires. God hates the poor and downtrodden and is using Scott Walker to wipe them off the face of the earth.

Anonymous said...

That guy (I think Jake) that posts the monkey island analogy of Walker throwing feces at the crowd (and other fecal matters) has the best take on all of this. I haven't seen any of those poopy coments here for a while, but they do accurate describe the situation in Wisconsin. Walker now needs to deface the state in order to pander to out-of-staters for his 2016 presidential ambitions.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

It's not me, dude. But I do agree that this lack of entrepreneurship is a direct effect if Walker's pro-corporate cronyism. No reason to innovate when the rich and connected are given every advantage.

Anonymous said...

But Walker runs around the country touting some business publication that claims Wisconsin ranks 12th best state for businesses. Hopefully the feds will investigate WEDC or an investigative publication will add up all the tax credits WEDC has handed out and discover that most corporations and businesses are paying little in actual taxes in Wisconsin!

Anonymous said...

Jake, sorry. I must have seen you post that stuff on your blog. I remember it ws pretty "edgy" so it isn't likely James would have approved it, though your perspective is valid and the analogies you use may not be for the faint -of-heart or prudes.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

That's Chief Executive Magazine, which is telling because they're writing to CEO's of established companies, and not start-ups.

If you're a politically connected CEO, maybe you can do well in Fitzwalkerstan. But if you have new ideas and want to get sonething different off the ground and be able to attract talent to that new idea? Forget it

tomkraj said...

It's not working... You can throw all kinds of money at businesses but that is not going to get businesses to come to a state that is disinvesting in education and at war with its workers.