Monday, June 22, 2015

WI DNR could release report on Waukesha water plan Tuesday

It's been more than five years in preparation, but word on the street is that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources may release its technical and environmental analyses of Waukesha's proposed precedent-setting diversion of water from Lake Michigan as early as tomorrow.

That would be a signal that the department finds the application complete enough to be reviewed at public hearings in Wisconsin, and be subject to a comment period, before the DNR makes a final determination on whether the application should be reviewed subsequently by all seven other Great Lakes states, and, on an advisory basis, two Canadian provinces and First Nation tribes there.

Under the terms of a 2008 US-Canadian Great Lakes water management compact - - and Waukesha's is the first to ask for a diversion that would pipe water out of the Great Lakes basin - - all eight US states must agree unanimously that the application meets the compact's diversion, return flow, and conservation criteria.


Anonymous said...

DNR will take comments, but not from any of the egghead scientist types. They are no longer welcome in Wisconsin and Walker has made sure science cannot bring facts to his ecological destruction. After all, he's runnin' fer president, for Pete's sake!

There are donors to reward. Science, schmience, but then, what do you expect from our college drop out gov?

Anonymous said...

My calander has been cleared.

Bring it on baby!

Just remember Waukesha, what Peter Annin said.