Sunday, June 14, 2015

Two things about this Journal Sentinel homepage summary

Senate support for Walker’s proposed budget is razor thin
With two conservative Republican senators already saying they’d be tough to win over, the loss of just one more GOP lawmaker would send the plan plummeting. | 3:18 p.m.
My observations:

1. Walker's absenteeism is having its effect.

2. "Conservative Republican senators?" As opposed to what other kind of Republican, exactly?


my5cents said...

Speaking of Walker's absence. Did he take any of the legislators from the WEDC board with him on the trade mission to Canada, or did he only take businessmen? Are they really there drumming up business for all of Wisconsin or just for those businessmen's companies before WEDC gets the ax? Or, are they simply on a luxurious fishing vacation on the taxpayer's dime? Of course, it goes without mentioning that Walker is there to expand his international profile. Funny man! I don't see it doing him any good. It's just more tax dollars down the drain.

Anonymous said...

5 cents

Walker went to Canada to tell everyone that Europe leaders have blessed and support his White House bid. Of course, since he is getting bad press over the lie that David Cameron confided in him that Obama is unpopular among the leaders of Europe, he is only going to tell this lie behind closed doors now.

MJS, true to its pro-Walker propaganda form, will not report on the fact that David Cameron has specifically called out Scott Walker on this lie.

And why does MJS redundantly identify "conservative" repugs? Because it helps them continue to promte the Koch brothers austerity agenda and massive give aways to out-of-state interests. What Walker and his allies promote has nothing to do with being fiscally conservative. They are spending more, paying more debt service costs, borrowing more money, and giving more taxpayers funds to their financing backers than any administration

So what's a propaganda arm like MJS going to do about this? Brand this cronyism and fiscal mismanagement as "conservative". This is just more double-speak from the rightwing media echo chamber.