Friday, June 19, 2015

Call me when the SC Governor gets serious

Nikki Haley stands in front of the church where there was unspeakable bloodshed and demands the death penalty for the shooter.

Which takes exactly zero political courage.

Dealing with the large number of known hate groups in her state would be a lot bolder and more useful.

I'll know she's a serious person when she demands her Legislature remove the Confederate flag from the State Capitol building, pass a hate crime statute and open an extended and inclusive dialogue statewide about race and violence in South Carolina.

Ot moves as far as possible toward those goals through executive orders, according to her state's laws.


Anonymous said...

James, you have a moral compass and we need more people in WI and around the nation who lead with morality and an ability to empathize with others in their communities. The fabric of our society is breaking down and leaders like Haley and Walker are part of the reason. Hate and fear is a far more powerful tool than love to Haley and Walker. If we want to try and stop these deadly shootings - lets turn off the Fox news and hate radio. Let's tune out the divide and conquer Governor and confederate flag supporting Governor. They only get power if we give it to them.

Anonymous said...

Media report today that the U.S. flag is flying at half-mast at the South Carolina capitol -- but that the Confederate flag is at full-mast. That says it all about Haley, et al.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that if businesses would take the same kind of stand against the SC confederate flag that they did against the anti-gay laws in places like Indiana, there might be some traction. And yet I don't hear a peep

Anonymous said...

I'd like to agree wholeheartedly with Anon @ 1101 AM. Excellent post.

We need to get active and talk about the values we want in our elected officials, not just whine about divide-and-conquer Republicans. We need to speak about the issues.

And I agree, hats off to Mr. Rowen!