Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wisconsin is closer to Kansas than you think

While the GOP-led Wisconsin legislature chases its own tail and the state stumbles to the bottom - - even skipping payments on its already-unmanageable debt - - the Governor who set this train wreck in motion has absconded to Canada pretending, but failing, to act president-worthy.

Maybe we are in Brownbackian Kansas, Toto Bucky.


Anonymous said...

Better than nothing, but not really significant. Cap Times is little more than a weekly ad insert with a token story or two that are specifically published to cater to the left. The paper itself, Wisconsin State Journal leans hard right. Publishing this in Cap Times means Lee Enterprises can pretend it is being "fair and balanced".

Since it appears in CT, we can assume it will probably not be covered anyplace else in Wisconsin.

It should be national news when a leading GOP presidential candidate betrays the trust of major allies overseas and global leaders must publically call out lies like this. It should be headline news across the state. CT is better than no coverage, but when stories are placed there its a sure sign they are being ignored by the state's rightwing echo chamber and being shoved down the memory hole.

No disrespect meant towards CT and its staff, its just that, by design, this story is being buried and many will never see it even if they happen to get this insert in Wisconsin State Journal. Those that read CT likely already saw this story. Those that haven't already seen this story in Wisconsin are still unlikely to see it.

Anonymous said...

Dorothy Gale may have met Walker on the way to Oz. He needs a brain, a heart and courage.

Anonymous said...

Disagree. Walker has proven that all you need is the vote. Walker has a permanent job in WI without a brain, heart, courage, ethics, morality or fiscal management or conservativism. WI voters proved 3 times they don't care about that. Guns, teacher bashing, destroying public schools and universities, corporate welfare, vaginal probing, faux frozen property taxes - now those are the things that really matter to WI because these things are Walker talking points and how he won the majority of votes 3 times. Now ask yourself why WI is upset that the rest of America thinks we are the laughingstock?