Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Two observations on court win for WI clean water

First, it's good to see a Wisconsin circuit court uphold the DNR's authority to monitor groundwater quality and manure runoff close to a massive dairy operation - - though I wouldn't be surprised to see more court action required to force the laissez-faire DNR under our Walker-era "chamber-of-commerce mentality" DNR to actually do the monitoring in a meaningful and systematic fashion.

Second, I can't remember a more Freudian choice of words in this long battle against big-farming manure problems than the farm operator's accusation that the opponents were running a "smear campaign."

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Anonymous said...

Feeling tied up in court? Why not send written comments or attend one of 3 public hearings on July 22nd, 2015 at which the DNR invites comments regarding water quality (coliform content). Public hearing announcement:

...and note where the announcement says that the proposed rule will not have an effect on small businesses (was that decided at a private meeting?).

Wisconsin is becoming a land where cow manure spreads, crude oil spreads, algae blooms spread and the deer and the elk "hunting parks" where CWD spreads: