Monday, June 29, 2015

And speaking of clean air, Bucky...

I'm told that with fewer educators funded in Walker's anti-science, smaller-staff budgeting for the DNR, the agency is considering eliminating or cutting back its "Clean Air Tip of the Week" email communication.

I've reposted them often when their entertainment value was too precious to ignore - - like the fret-you-not assurances about whether official July 4th fireworks displays are an environmental problem, or Recycle! (from an administration defunding recycling), or the get-out-there-and-bike encouragement (from an administration about to end in the budget financing for highway sidewalks and bike trails, etc.) - - but we don't expect much from a DNR run intentionally at Walker's direction with "a chamber of commerce mentality" and former industry bigwigs in charge.

I will not be surprised if our business-friendly DNR merges its inevitable support for that record-breaking 27,000-hog operation up north within manure runoff distance of Lake Superior with tie-in PR later this year to McDonald's annual return of the "McRib" sandwich.

We note all this on the day we learn it's likely the air will not be as clean as it could be here in Wisconsin, but don't look for the DNR in an administration that fought strong federal air clean-up efforts to post a scientifically-serious "Clean Air tip of the Week"at this stage of the game.

Walker '16!

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Anonymous said...

I can just see the TV ads now, "McRib is back and now fortified with pig feces and urine. It's not just the Great Lakes that has that great CAFO smell and taste!"