Monday, June 22, 2015

Why Walker can't decide which state road projects to fund

Nikki Haley hasn't told him which way the wind is blowing.


Anonymous said...

He's leading from behind...this will never get old until he gets out in front of the cameras, on the capital front steps, on state, and answers real queations from Wiconsin's citizens....but we know that will never will never get old.

my5cents said...

Anon June 23 8:09 PM -- Personally, I hope he does announce he's running for President. I want to see him on stage in a debate and see how far his scripted pat answers to questions gets him. It would be so good to see him fall on his face on a national platform. On the other hand, since there will not be an independent questioner asking the questions, they will all have had time to rehearse their answers. In that case, forget it. I don't want to see any of them. I want to see Walker dogged by reporters to answer questions he has yet to give a complete and sane answer to. I have never seen Walker give a straight answer to any important issues.