Friday, June 5, 2015

Walker back in self-parody territory

So he stands there yesterday telling media that Wisconsin will be worse off financially if public funds are not invested now in a new NBA arena and the Bucks were to leave, but forgets that he threw away the fiscal and jobs benefits of public investment in Amtrak and Medicaid that had been available before he said "no."

And is doing the same thing to UW campuses, their communities, and the economy statewide by deeply cutting investment in the UW system and encouraging faculty and students to opt for more supportive environments elsewhere.

In all these circumstances, investing is better and more productive, because, as his podium prop so inelegantly said yesterday about the Bucks, it's "cheaper to keep them."


Anonymous said...

I wonder how everyone who voted for Walker feels now. If things that are important to you weren't on the chopping block the 1st four years, just wait. Anything is fair game in Walker's WI. Walker is drunk with power and presidential prospects right now. So drunk, he is openly flipping WI right off to their faces in the national media. Want Walker to come back and do his job? Meh - Walker will show up when he's good n ready. The devastation this idiot has caused WI isn't nearly over yet. Those of you who stand with Walker - are you happy now?? Your fiscally irresponsible prince got your votes - used all you "stand with Walker" fools - and is taking his wife and kids around the world on your dime to build up his Presidential cred. Walker is giving away your tax money to special interests and racking up WI's debt. Hilarious! After this 4 year term is up, let's see how many of you "stand with Walker" suckers are still standing!

my5cents said...

Anon 7 p.m. -- Most of the people who voted for Walker are perfectly fine with what he is doing. They think the state is on the right track and the cuts are working. I learned this information from reading comments on our local newspaper's website. I actually had one of the people who were gushing over Walker ask me if I had personally met the man. No, I haven't but even if I did it wouldn't change my mind about what a sleaze he is and how badly he is destroying my birth state. He wasn't born here, so he wouldn't understand what this state truly means to many of us. But, apparently I should have met him in person and that would change my mind. So, is he hypnotizing people when he meets them or what? Is that what he does with those funky eyes.

I knew someone whose church invited Walker to come and speak to their congregation before the 2009 election, and they were all just gushing over what a fine man he was. I can't tell you how one year later that person was sorely disappointed and voted against him in the recall and the 2014 election.