Saturday, June 27, 2015

No WI budget deal, Walker junketing in Colorado

Walker sends Wisconsin's disrespecteds the message that he'd rather shill his gay-bashing, union-busting, gun-totin' agenda - - and distract attention from the thousands of jobs lost in our state's degrading economy last month - - than stick around in his taxpayer provided office and/or mansion to help pass his own "crap budget" (thank you, State Rep. Rob Brooks, R-Saukville), before the June 30 deadline.

And remember his weak prediction three days ago that a budget deal, actually only "the framework" for one, was going to "come together" in the next few days?

Well, that hasn't happened yet, and won't when he's 1,000 miles away in Colorado trying to out-trump his wacko bird (John McCain's term for Ted Cruz) opponents.

And it won't happen because GOP Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and GOP Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, having tired of making excuses for the absentee Walker, don't have the patience or the cell phone battery life for those kinds of conference calls.

Imagine Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy telling the sideline TV reporter at halftime in the Super Bowl when the team hadn't scored yet that he and the coaching staff were hoping soon to agree on a framework for a game plan.


Anonymous said...

It's been done before: Don Morton, UW Football Head Coach in 1989, said in the midst of a 1-10 season: "We're not losing; we're preparing to win."

Scott Walker is channeling Don Morton's veer offense.

my5cents said...

He's just taking a trip back to his home state. Wish he'd stay there. Maybe they would like him better than Wisconsin does.

Anonymous said...

Is he still drawing a salary in Wisconsin?

Anonymous said...

Yes he is. The question is why is he allowed to question everyone else and yet he collects a paycheck and never shows up to work? Teachers and professors are lazy?? Hey Walker, they SHOW UP FOR WORK!!!

my5cents said...

Did you know that Scott Walker is responsible for the Occupy Wall Street movement? According to him it was all his fault.

You cannot make this stuff up. I had to reread it to make sure. I thought I was seeing things. Wow!!!