Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wisconsin's budget process officially off-the rails

How crazy has Wisconsin's budget process become?

It looks like the proposed NBA arena deal - - which began with a plan announced a few weeks ago by Gov. Walker and now carrying a $500 million+ price tag that includes many state and other public sector millions - - will not be included in the budget.

And the budget is such a mess that Walker has already scheduled a non-payment of some state debt.

But a host of items with no state fiscal and budgetary impact - - here's one list with a few of them - - have already been slipped into the proposed budget by special interests.

Like making it easier for property owners along lakes and streams to build to the waterline.

And also helping developers or oil pipeline operators build in Dane County - - and only in Dane County - - with exemptions from local water policy rules.

It wasn't that long ago that non-fiscal, policy issues were not included in the budget.

Them days is gone.


La Mer said...

As per the power-mad, repugnantcan puppetmasters,
it's not a budget for protecting any water, it's about pipelines and a $25million crude oil transfer (and spill) doc for the GREAT LAKES state of Wisconsin to turn it all into a global "sacrifice area":

Anonymous said...

Well, we knew that this would happen when Walker recently again promised that he would have no nonfiscal items in his budget.


Anonymous said...

WI has become so disadvantaged as a result of Walker's inept governance and poor fiscal management, that this budget will be the most destructive of all. Walker is so short of cash in tax collection due to his corporate and big special interests welfare, that he now is deciding what small businesses can operate and is now dictating where they can be located! The Playroom closet is going out of business after 20+ years because Walker has decided kid's consignment shops are bringing down local neighborhoods and he has decided they can only be located in a strip mall in a certain geography with other consignment type shops. How does this impact you West Allis? Now instead of having choices in a free market, you are forced to pay full retail for your kids clothing, toys, bikes and sports equipment. Walmart or Target or any of your BIG stores with lobbyists ($$$) have the same rules imposed on them. The rules are only imposed on honest, caring small business owners who try to serve their community. THIS what you elected Walker for?? To decide who gets to have a business and who doesn't? To force that business to relocate to an undesirable area or close down?? Sadly, the Playroom Closet is closing down. And more will follow until people stand for the democracy that represents America & those who cherish it.

Anonymous said...

Hi James,

Have you been following the revolt in the Spooner School District?

"With the early-June student walk-out, prayer gathering, and protest that drew hundreds of people wanting to stem the exodus of staff from Spooner Area School District..."

James Rowen said...

I have reported events in Spooner. Consult the blog search box.

Anonymous said...

What is most concerning is that there are angry "hardworking taxpayers" everywhere in WI right now. Yet Walker collects a full paycheck, gives himself and his staff raises, protect his adjenda and the "hardworking taxpayers" are left to revolt to state legislators who respond by doing NOTHING. If WI does not take a stand against our current anti-democratic legislators and governor - then do not bother holding a rally. You want Walker's attention or the GOP controlled Legislators attention - VOTE THEM OUT THE FIRST CHANCE YOU GET. A lot of Spooner voted for Walker. So, live with it or DO SOMETHING IMPACTFUL.

La Mer said...

Please delete earlier comment: the crude loading dock was thankfully a no-go back in 2013 (I misread the date) and that broken link to the LFB item regarding a loan to Superior, WI may have been rescinded:

Still...NO to pipelines, No to CAFOs and NO Mo' fracsand MINEs

La Mer

Anonymous said... is a lesson for you. You elected Walker to break the Union, reduce teacher income and defund your public school. It took you until now to have buyer's remorse? You voted fair and square for Walker and you need to suck it up.