Sunday, June 14, 2015

New York Times underscores why Walker 'ain't' Reagan

By now there are scores of reporters, thousands of opinion-makers and hundreds of thousands of everyday readers of the Sunday New York Times and consumers of news across the nation who have read the magazine piece about Scott Walker's vindictive war against unions, momentarily envisioned Walker sitting in the Oval Office or coming down the steps of Air Force One and felt a sudden chill - - only to realize that no doors or windows in their homes or apartments had blown open.

The Times piece about Walker's scheming against the unions - - even those which had mistakenly befriended him - - went online Friday, as I'd noted; it's a devastating, must-read expose of an extreme and flawed character dangerously unsuited for presidential power.

The Times' story underscored the spot-on accuracy of labor-and-power remarks made a few months ago by Lou Cannon, Ronald Reagan's biographer, when Cannon complained about Walker's self-serving and undeserved expropriation of Reagan's stature and mantle:
Lou Cannon, the Reagan biographer, said some of Mr. Walker’s descriptions were “caricatures of ReaganHe never made his bones on trying to break the back of labor the way Walker has,” Mr. Cannon said. “Walker is borrowing from Reagan’s mystique more than any other Republican eyeing the presidency, but Ronald Reagan he ain’t.”

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