Sunday, June 14, 2015

UW Chancellor Blank's alligator arm

That's what the UW football coaching staff might call it over at Camp Randall. Look it up.


Anonymous said...

Why is she so worried about standing up for the UW? Isn't that her job? I can't believe that fear of being fired is the reason she is being so obsequious and "diplomatic". Where is her courage? Where is Cross' courage? I can't imagine being in either of their positions and stages in life and not fighting for an institution that has been the center of Wisconsin life for 100 years or more. Or are Blank and Cross simply ignorant of what the Wisconsin Idea really means to generations of citizens?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

This two-time UW grad is equally confused and disappointed by the acts of Blank and Cross . They seem completely terrified of the rednecks in the Legislature.

And their act illustrates exactly why tenure is needed- so researchers and academics can tell the truth and speak their mind without the threat of crooked/gutless legislators trying to silence or fire them