Thursday, June 18, 2015

Look who else thinks Walker's not fit to serve

We know it's preposterous and have documented it, too, and as Walker merrily rolls along, a Donald Trump of New York seems to agree:
He has got a lot of problems in Wisconsin," Trump said when asked about Walker. "You know, Wisconsin has got tremendous problems..."

When asked about what problems he was referring to, Trump added, "The debt and the difficult problems that they have going on in Wisconsin that a lot of people don't understand and know about. Tremendous borrowings. And they have difficulties."
And I agree with Trump that 'a lot of people don't understand and know about" Wisconsin problems under Walker.

Which is I wrote and continually update this posting, now the most-downloaded item on this blog since if began more than eight years and thousands of posts ago:
Scott Walker facts little known outside Wisconsin


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to point out to Mr. Trump Walkers popularity numbers in Wisconsin. This guy sold out everyone to get where he is today, a Governor without another chance to get re-elected in his own state.

PREDICTION: Walker resigns by July 17th, 2015.

Anonymous said...

I agree Walker will resign to save face regarding the fiscal madness in WI & WEDC.

Don't know if it will be before or after this budget disaster. Will he make Becky fall on the sword?