Monday, June 15, 2015

Supreme Court chills ultrasounds Walker thought 'cool'

If North Carolina can't require them, neither can Wisconsin, which Walker knew would happen when he pushed the Legislature to mandate them anyway.

This was a waste of the public's time and resources and a callous manipulation of women's rights, all to make Walker more appealing as a presidential hopeful to far-right, anti-abortion caucus voters in Iowa.


Anonymous said...

Sell, if SCOTUS won't allow Scottie to enjoy forcing women to be raped to experience "cool", maybe he can satisfy his perverse fascination with these probes by asking his doctor to periodically give him colonoscopy exams.

Sue said...

I'm sorry to sound a little slow, but every article I've read today talks about the freedom of speech rights of the doctor, and how he/she doesn't have to describe anything or read a script. No article said the ultrasound aspect of this was dead. Is the whole law dead because of this? What's to stop them from bringing it back some other way? If the goal is to humiliate a woman, make it too expensive, add too much time away from work, just keep putting up roadblocks, what's to stop them from just passing some new piece of ultrasound legislation and starting the whole damn thing over again?
How big a victory is this?

Anonymous said...

Here is a thing that the media needs to run with. TORT reform has been a priority for Walker. Ladies - did you know that if your employer harassed or retaliated against you unlawfully you have NO
RIGHTS to collect for ANYTHING other than lost wages? If a man forceably rapes you or a member of your family, including a CHILD and a pregnancy ensues, Walker is FORCING you to have that baby. Females, you have NO Rights! You can't sue your rapist for mental anguish! Yet a sperm donor, who may be a deadbeat Dad that the State doesn't prosecute or collect child care payments from can SUE for emotional distress due to abortion. It is all about the fetus, but once that fetus is out - who cares right?

Anonymous said...

Salon and other progressive media - COVER THIS!