Saturday, June 20, 2015

Hollow man has no opinion on the South Carolina confederate flag

As I predicted, the hollow man masquerading both as our Governor and a national-leader-in-waiting has no position on the South Carolina confederate flag matter.

RE: confederate flag in SC, it's a state issue & I fully expect SC leaders to debate this after the victim's families have time to mourn-SKW
As if the Civil War and slavery - - and all the obvious ramifications were and are a South Carolina issue only. The truth is, Walker cares about nothing other than Walker.
He is a hollow man. In the old days, he'd have been called a cipher.


Anonymous said...

You are right. Walker is such a destructive force to America - he has even made racist references in his "Unintimidated" book. He employs a southern strategy & he has no empathy for the people who lost their lives. He is using them as much as he uses Jesus to keep his name in the headline.

God forgive us for electing the devil himself.

Anonymous said...

Some of the secessionists may want to donate money to Walker.

Some of the racists might want to donate money to Walker.

Anonymous said...

True. Walker isn't too holy to turn away blood money.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

And THAT's what this is all about. A sizable portion of today's GOP is racist and won't tolerate equality among the races. Scotty is more concerned with them than he is in doing the right thing.

There is no cite belief with this sicko other than "give me money and power."

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't know a republican -at least a working class fool of one- who is not racist to the core.

mortified west allis resident said...

Instead of acknowledging the obvious; that the confederate flag is racist which it obviously is. Why doesn't he just say that the confederate flag is the symbol of a rogue nation that declared war on the United States and it needs to go? Maybe that would be more palatable to the goofy bunch he's trying not to offend.