Saturday, June 27, 2015

WI GOP, Walkerites find more wages to cut

The evidence of Scott Walker's failure abounds - - his repeated tax cuts that have drained the budget without stimulating private sector expansion, persistently slow job growth (35h nationally, with more losses coming in the UW system), worst ranking in the nation for residents loss of middle-class status (Act 10 a big factor) and new numbers showing jobs leaving by the thousands in the most recent month - - but now Walker's allies want to add wage cuts on big projects to further finish off Walker's divide-and-conquer labor demolition.

Above the Capitol dome is Miss Forward. In charge is Governor Backwards.

More on Walker's full record, here.


my5cents said...

You don't expect Walker to get money to plug the budget holes from people who can well afford to chip in more do you? That's not the tea party way and he is the original tea party in Wisconsin. He's a transplant and not a true Wisconsinite anyway. Why should he care about Wisconsin? Mr. Narcissist is in it for himself and to prove he is the second coming of Ronald Reagan. He is as phony as one of Jeff Dunham's dummies.

None of the Republicans in Madison care if they destroy one more segment of Wisconsin's work force. They are too stupid to know that every time they cut wages they reduce revenues to the state and hurt the state's economy when people have less money to spend. By the time the Repubs in Madison wake up and realize that Walker has been ordering them to systematically destroy their state, it will be too late to do any quick repairs.

Anonymous said...

What will be interesting is to see how many members of the Republican legislature (who backed Walker against what constituents wanted) will get to keep their jobs in the next election. The public grows more disillusioned with Walker every day. One day, all the Wisconites Walker has screwed over are going to realize it & Walker will be like Benito Mussolini trying to flee the mess he created. What will happen is the legislature will pay for Walker's mess & Walker won't shed a tear. The GOP legislature is being used by Walker & they still don't have a clue.