Friday, June 12, 2015

Sunday NY Times explains Walker's shady attack on WI labor

The Times' extraordinary Sunday magazine piece - - already online - - details Walker's insidious divide-and-conquer of Wisconsin labor, beginning with Act 10 aimed at public employees and ending earlier this year when he signed the 'right-to-work' bill - - a measure which he'd promised some blue-collar private union leaders would never reach his desk.

The warning implicit in the Times piece to workers nationally, and all people of good will: Look out, an untrustworthy extremist has his sights set on the Presidency.

And props to local labor leader Randy Bryce for helping the Times tell this important story to educate the American people.

We'll add the piece to this growing list.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is anyone that Walker wouldn't throw under the bus if it got him what he wanted. Workers were first. Small business owners haven't done well under Walker. Big donors are doing well now but I would bet that if it benefited Walker, he would do something awful to them. There is real potential for the road builders to be damaged if he refuses to raise taxes and the legislature won't borrow.

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail on the head! Walker is so unscrupulous! A fact that the US public needs to learn FAST.

Anonymous said...

I'm not worried that the US public won't catch on, I'm more worried of the dolts in Wi. who will vote to keep him Gov. in '18