Thursday, June 18, 2015

Walker's weird water words

[Updated twice since Wednesday] Walker distracted media in Canada Wednesday from his losing, amateurish diplomatic fight with British Prime Minister David Cameron with some absolutely bizarre remarks about drinking water:
While in Canada, Walker suggested that he had qualms about drinking the water in other countries he had visited. 
“There are plenty of places around the world I go to that I would not dare do that,” he said. “I would not be drinking water unless they brought it to me in a bottle and I could make sure the top had not been turned . . . because I wouldn’t know if I would get sick or not.”
You have to ask: what is wrong with this guy?

First of all: "Plenty of places around the world I go to..."


And where are those "places around the world," exactly? 

Walker is not particularly well-traveled, hence his crash course in foreign policy. Though he's recently been to major cities in the modern, industrialized western nations of England, Germany, France, Spain, Israel and Canada - - all places where the tap water is perfectly safe to drink.

And secondly; he's afraid the water would make him sick? 

Look at his record helping to create the conditions where you definitely would not want to drink the water right here in Wisconsin where Scientific American is saying he killed the state's environmental legacy:

What about the people his do-nothing DNR put at risk when they got a wrist slap for a politically-active GOP donor who'd wantonly spread human septic tank wastes on farm fields near residences in violation of the permit the DNR decided to barely enforce?

Did you know that the DNR Walker configured in 2011 with what he called " a chamber of commerce mentality" has been so lax in following the US Clean Water Act that the US EPA has been asked to come into Wisconsin to protect residents; drinking water from dairy manure runoff pollution?

If Walker had real concerns about drinking water - - not his, when traveling - - but on behalf of Wisconsinites, we would not see headlines like this:
Environmental groups ask EPA to study drinking water pollution from Kewaunee County dairies
Walker and water quality? You can't put those words into the same sentence without decontaminating the text.

For goodness sakes - - he'd been in office only a few days when he demanded and got the Legislature to pass a bill that prematurely stopped a review of a development proposal by one of his donors to build on a wetland near Lambeau Field in Brown County.

And also began rolling back clean water practices statewide fin 2011, too.

Even earlier, he intentionally let water quality standards fall along the Lake Michigan shoreline at Bradford Beach when he was Milwaukee County Executive, and his record as governor is replete with more examples of water supplies threatened and polluted- - from Green Bay and its expanding dead zone to groundwater near the burgeoning industrial-scale farms and dairies he's enabled, to state rivers where frac sand operations have contaminated the waters, to his support for weakened phosphorous removal planning that keeps Wisconsin rivers, lake and streams choked with stinky weeds.

More details, here.

And he was willing to green light a massive open-pit iron ore mine in the pristine Bad River watershed near Ashland, putting that city's drinking water, as well as Native American tap water and rice-growing estuaries at risk from acid mine drainage and particles from 35 years of mountain top blasting and round-the-clock milling and trucking.

Many of these bodies of water supply Wisconsin communities with their drinking water.

He is the last chief executive to point a finger at any water quality issues anywhere.


Anonymous said...

"and I could make sure the top had not been turned . . . because I wouldn’t know if I would get sick." Seriously, is he afraid someone would unscrew the cap and spit in his water?

Anonymous said...

In southern India, the locals, proud as they are of their country, will still warn you not to drink their tap water, and to drink only from bottles marked as "ozonated."

If this idiot thinks Germany and Israel are like India in this regard, well, he's an utter moron.

I do have to point out, though, that the reason French cooks peel vegetables and fruit rather than merely wash them is that after WW2, the water there was dangerous. And that this is what Wisconsin will be like if Scooter's agenda continues to move forward.

Anonymous said...

Walker can take on ISIS but is afraid to drink water in other countries...Unintimidated? I think Unimpressive is more like it.

The anti-Walker movement is nearing. Thank you God!!!

Ms. Morris said...

The advice about making sure your bottled water is sealed is to ensure that somebody doesn't fill a bottle with (unsafe) tap water and pretend it's bottled. I guess they'd make more money by refilling bottles and charging full price? Anyway, that's why you're supposed to watch your waiter break the seal in countries where tap water might be questionable.

On the other hand, I know lots of people who would LOVE to spit on Walker, or in his drink, or in his general direction. ;)

my5cents said...

You keep forgetting that with a narcissist it's always all about him, what's good for him alone and never about anyone else. Maybe he's becoming a paranoid narcissist. He does make some very idiotic statements.

Anonymous said...

With the amount of people Walker screws over (Cameron, WI taxpayers, ect) on a daily basis...he is probably paranoid for a good reason. Walker knows he screws people over unapologetically, and testing his water is just another job for his super trooper protection squad. Interesting that Dictators like Saddam Hussein had to have food & drink testers,but then again Hussein had good reason to be paranoid due to his own behavior.

Anonymous said...

His comments need to be highlighted by the press, and clean water advocates. He should have to answer for his complete failure to recognize water quality issues in the state that he supposedly governs.

Anonymous said...

A DNR disaster is playing out in Wisconsin and has been for years, building through Earl, Hassett and now Stepp. But Walker's really "stepped in it" now and the stench has disgusted enough people who love Wisconsin (and who condemn CAFOs as crimes) to ban him and the eco-polluters (industrial destroyers of life, as in: trout gone from streams destroyed by sand mining run-off, liquid manure run-off).

These four year old comments are worth reading:

Today, all CAFOs in Wisconsin should be shut down..(more information at: .)

Walker hears god in his head and won't be convinced even by the words of a pope advising respect for nature -- any more than stinkycheeseyrider listened to Wisconsin's own clergy telling him to respect union members' rights years ago. Walker may have to hear the people's voices all across America when we get it together and finally stop him.

DNR water quality (coliform content) public hearing announcement: