Wednesday, June 17, 2015

WisDOT wants more public land for Zoo Interchange prep

Not satisfied with one road-building, gravel crushing operation on public land...
[Updated] The Wisconsin Department of Transportation wants to use more acreage on the Milwaukee County grounds north of 92nd St. in Wauwatosa for another-gravel-crushing site for Zoo Interchange construction - - for two years.

So much for the now-misnamed Sanctuary Woods in WisDOT's sights.

Regardless of all the citizen conservation effort at these sites. 

Details and documents, here.

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Anonymous said...

This mess is really just another version of the shutdown of the George Washington Bridge lane closure scandal or Bridgegate scandal. We know that traffic data does not support this boondoggle. It is a payback to construction and concrete interests with the added benefit that Milwaukee is being literally brought to a standstill.

What better way to promote divide & conquer and privatization? Anyone coming in-and-out on I94 can't help but mutter about the dysfunction at DOT. Walker is simply doing what he can to make sure government does not work, because it fits the narrative of the Koch brothers.